Landscape lighting maintenance tips

Landscape lights are made to withstand the weather elements outside. This however doesn’t mean that the lights should just be left without any maintenance now and then. It is important to ensure that they are working as required so that you are not just incurring a bill for the lights without meeting the purpose. Remember outdoor lighting Houston Tx is important in maintaining your security and livening up your home at night so it is important to have them working their best. Here are some tips to help you in this endeavor.

Have exposed cables buried - the cables connecting all the outdoor lights should be buried and not exposed. When exposed they pose a lot of danger to people that could walk on them. They could also get spoilt when they are exposed.

Remove debris - with the different weather seasons, there will be accumulation of debris on the fixtures of the lights which can eventually cause failure. The debris should be removed from the lights as it occurs removing all the leaves, twigs and small branches that could accumulate.

Replace burned out bulbs - if there are any bulbs that have burned out it is important to have them replaced. Also LED lights may lose brightness over time. If they are not as bright as required then it could be time to have them replaced. Some bulbs come with a warranty of even 5 years after which the bulbs could not be as bright as required.

Cut overgrown plants - the shrubs and trees should not be on the way of the light. As they grow they fight for the available space and hence might block the path of the light or grow on the lights. Have such branches cut all the plants around the lighting fixtures to ensure that they serve the purpose as required.

Clean the lenses - clean the lenses to remove any yellowing or dirt accumulation on the lenses. With accumulated dirt, even the brightest of the bulbs will not shine bright as required.

Adjust the lights - with time the lights especially those placed on trees and other plants will need to be adjusted as the trees grow. Also with time even those on the fixtures might become lose and hence will require to be adjusted as required so that they shine on the required regions.

Mow the lawn with care - while mowing the lawn care should be taken not to destroy the lighting fixtures installed. Ensure that near the fixtures the grass is cut manually to protect the fixtures.

These are some of the simple maintenance tips that can be used on outdoor lighting Houston Tx, but there are others that need the services of a professional outdoor lighting and landscape maintenance company.